Sophisticated, Tactical Direct Marketing Services

Ballard Direct offers a wide range of ongoing direct marketing services including

  • Planning and execution of testable, measurable, analytics-driven direct and relationship marketing programs in integrated offline and online channels to
    • Acquire new customers on a profitable basis.
    • Maximize lifetime value and financial return.
    • Deliver a consistent brand experience.
  • Offer strategy and financial modeling for e-commerce, publishing, catalogue, negative-option and continuity club businesses and not-for-profit fundraising.
  • Direct marketing test design, implementation and analysis.
  • Media and mailing list planning, selection, buying and brokerage for direct response advertising, web marketing and direct mail.
  • Copy, design and production of customer acquisition and retention communications, including direct mail, catalogues, print and broadcast advertisements and web communications.
  • Strategic partnership negotiation and implementation to reach difficult-to-target markets in a cost effective manner.
  • Customer database design, analysis and statistical modeling.
  • Evaluation, selection and management of fulfillment, database, call center, data processing, printing, production, logistics and other US suppliers.
  • Targeted public relations to augment direct-to-customer communications.